PT. Alfa Metalindo Indonesia
Jl. R. E Martadinata
Komplek Rukan Mahkota Ancol Blok C no. 53 - 55
Jakarta Utara 14420
Telp. 021 - 64700022, Fax. 021 - 64700033
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  1. Company Overview
  2. PT. Alfa Metalindo Indonesia was established in October 2002 and is specializing in the supply of welding consumables and exotic materials such as Nickel and Nickel based alloys, Duplex and Super Duplex, Special Stainless Steel, Super Alloys, Titanium, Aluminum and Copper Alloys and other Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA).

    As a welding supply company, PT ALFA boosts one of the most comprehensive ranges of welding consumables and machines to fabricators involved in PROJECT construction and maintenance. Our range includes all the major processes that cover SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, MCW ( Metal Cored Wires) and SAW.

    As a company we are dedicated to continuing to grow with our customers, expanding our product lines and continuing to maintain the strictest quality control on all our products.

  3. Industry Leader
  4. Since our inception, we have always been working hand-in-hand with our many business partners by supplying them our range of quality products to a number of new construction and maintenance projects owned by PGN, Pertamina, Total, Conoco Philips, Medco E & P, Amerada Hess, BP, Petrochina, CNOOC, and APD Serica Energy.

    As of today, we have supplied over one hundred large and small projects but we are still conscientiously looking out for more future projects in order to add more "feathers to our cap". For the last few years, PT ALFA is believed to be the Number One leading supplier of high grade welding consumables to the Oil & Gas sector.

  5. Our Market
  6. Our products are used widely by fabricators of Heat exchangers, Pressure vessel, boilers, tanks, tubes, tower and reactors. Examples of such industries would be: Oil & Gas Plants, Petrochemical Industries, Power Generation Plant, Fertilizer Plants, Pulp and Paper Plants, Aerospace, Shipyard, Smelting Plants, Water Treatment and many more.

  7. Our competitive Advantages
    1. Experienced Sales & Technical Support Team - Our People are well trained and possessed the right attitude, expertise and experience in recommending you the most quality products, at the lowest cost and on a timely delivery schedule.

    2. Superior Customer Service - PT. Alfa Metalindo believes a satisfied customer is a long- term customer hence we remained committed to provide TOP customer services at all times. We also believe a win-win solution is the best way to secure a long term sustainable mutual benefits and successes.

    3. Commitment to Inventory - PT. Alfa Metalindo maintains an extensive inventory of welding wires and electrodes in supporting our business partners. With our years of experience, we take pride in knowing what our partners need therefore we always keep sufficient stock on hand to support our customers commence and complete their projects on time.

    4. Reputable Principals - We are representing some of the most renowned brands in the world for welding products such as LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY (USA), TECHALLOY INC. (USA), METRODE PRODUCTS LIMITED (UK), KISWEL (KOREA), NIHONWELD PRODUCTS, TRITOOL INC (USA), BUG-O (USA) and ADVANCED INSTRUMENTS (USA).

  8. A Better Welding Partner.
  9. PT. Alfa Metalindo undertakes to be a TOP QUALITY supplier to all our customers in terms of supplying high quality products at all times, providing excellent sales and after sales services, giving best value for your money and providing the most pleasant purchase experience each time.

    We strive to bring total satisfaction to all our customers by continuously improving our product offerings, upgrading our internal processes and expanding our human resources in order to serve you better in the future.

    Our motto is “A Better Welding Partner” and we intend to live up to it !

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